Friday, January 22, 2010

LDS Church makes a call for Haiti Relief Donations

The LDS Church has made a statement asking for its members to help aid the suffering in Haiti. They have specifically asked for monetary donations to the Church Humanitarian Services, and for prayers to God asking for peace and calm to come to Haiti.

A few days ago I made a donation to the Church for Haiti, and was surprised at how easy it is. Donations may be made using a credit card at the Church's philanthropic website, and it took maybe 2 minutes to type in my name, address and credit card number. It is similarly easy at the Red Cross web site, as they both use basically the same process to accept donations. I believe that the Red Cross had the ability to select Haiti Relief specifically. Both websites were easily found using a web search.

It is sometimes a difficult thing to become involved in helping the victims of disaster when the world is so big and we are usually so far away from tragedy. I am amazed and grateful that through modern technology we are able to help those who are able and willing to give help at the site of the crisis. I am also grateful that modern technology, and the rapid and large organization it enables, allows medical supplies, food, water and help to be delivered so quickly. I wish it could be even faster and better for such a devastated place as Haiti, but I am glad it is as good as it is.

Link to the LDS Newsroom

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