Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Taking Care of our Bodies

Something I've heard before:

"One of the purposes of this life is to learn how to take care of our bodies."

Think of your conception of what heaven will be like. Do you eat or not eat? (Can you?) Can you get hurt or not get hurt? Does your hair grow or not grow? Do you need to sleep or not? Poop? Etc.

Now, tell me if the above sentence makes sense together with your conception of heaven. Why or why not?


  1. I'm surprised that no one has commented yet.

    Well, in Mormon theology we know that the soul is the unification of body and spirit, therefore we will have bodies in heaven. I have always imagined that my hair will grow in heaven. I never thought before about the possibility of getting hurt, but I think we will have a fully functional digestive system. When I had teenage acne I took solace in the fact that my skin would be flawless in heaven, since it obviously wasn't then.

  2. If you have a digestive system do you need it? Will you need to eat food? If so and you don't eat food what happens? Is it possible to eat food that gives you food poisoning?

    The reason I wonder these things is this:

    Is it possibly to be harmable without being killable? I don't think it is. I think that if you can be harmed then you can be killed. If that is true, and if you believe you will not be killable then you believe you cannot be harmed. If you cannot be harmed then do we really have to learn how to take care of our bodies? Nothing we do or don't do can hurt us.

    Therefore you don't need to learn to care for your bodies here in mortality.

    I'm open to being convinced that my hypothesis is not true, and that it is possible to be physically harmed without being killable.

  3. Well I don't know what we will or won't have to do with our bodies in heaven. But I think at least part of the reason we are to learn to take care of our bodies on earth is just to learn other skills/principles like self-discipline, learning the functions of the parts of the body (we will be creators, after all - better know how biology works so we can create it), etc.

    Didn't Jesus eat honey or fish or something when he was visiting the earth post-mortally?